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Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm of the EMM Group

Find out all you need to know about Mr. Birnbaum who is a successful hospitality business man and entrepreneur. He has also been dubbed the king of New York City night clubs and nightlife. Together with his business partner Eugene Remm they formed the EMM Group. The EMM Group is responsible for developing some of the hottest, hippest and lucratives night clubs and restaurants in NYC. Mark Birnbaum is the force behind the creations of such popular hot spots like Tenjune, The Estate, SL and Abe & Arthur’s just to name a few. 

Read more about Mark here in his main page Mark Birnbaum main page

What Do You Know About Mark Birnbaum?

Many people want to know all about Mark Birnbaum. Some search for facts about

how he got started in his illustrious career which has made him very wealthy and respected among 

many people in the hospitality business. Perhaps you want to know about Page?file=Mark-birnbaum-girl-friend-tenjune-club-owner.jpg Mark Birnbaum girlfriend[[ ]] since 

he is one of New York City's most eligible bachelors. Seeing Mark partying with famous rappers, singers and actors only adds to his popularity. You can find out about Follow Mark Birnbaum Twitter and follow him here. 

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