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This Wiki is a mini Mark Birnbaum Bio. Mark Birnbaum, a successful business man, entrepreneur and hospitality tycoon has been crowned the king of New York’s nightlife. This is largely due to his work with his business partner Eugene Remm. Together, they formed the EMM Group. Mark Birnbaum began his career as a promotion director and soon his name became synonymous with New York City nightlife. He is considered the heartbeat of New York’s restaurants and nightclubs. Mark is given kudos for creating the "Best night life in NYC" for many of those who love nightclubs. He is the brainchild behind popular and successful hot spots, clubs and lounges such as Tenjune, Four Hundred, Chandelier Room, Event Production, Abe & Arthur’s, The Estate, SL, Lexington Brass and Catch. 

Mark began his career as a business promoter and event director for the Manhattan Clubs. Soon he joined the EMM Group alongside Eugene Remm. Together their business ventures became very lucrative and successful. This leads to many wondering what's Mark Birnbaum Net worth like these days. Early in 2002 Mr. Birnbaum organized the Nightlife Consulting Company Operating Inc. Soon after, he opened The Lobby, located in Midtown Manhattan. A year later, The Lobby, was considered by most partygoers classy and chic and "The place to be in" This soon made it one of the most successful nightclubs in NYC in history. 


Mark Birnbaum parties with famous Rap artist

A vast amount of people want to see a photo of Mark Birnbaum girlfriend and companion. This is largely due to Mark being considered one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors. Mr. Birnbaum is the perfect example that hard work, taking risks and being a visionary venture pays off. It is never easy to become a success. However, if you work really hard and believe in yourself and what you are doing then it is just a matter of time before you end up being crowned "The king of New York City's Night Life" One thing is for sure, Mark Birnbaum knows how to develop, promote and make a club a winner! 

You can read more about Mark Birnbaum the club owner as well as Mark Birnbaum the filmmaker and Ragtime Jazz piano player here

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This Wiki is all about Mark Birnbaum; a man known as the king of the NYC nightclubs. Read all about his rise to fame and 

how he and fellow business partner Eugene Remm of the EMM Group have together become highly sucessful in their business

ventures. Mark Birnbaum is credited with creating one of the hottest clubs in Manhattan, Tenjune.  

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Mark Birnbaum Eugene Remm tenjune emm group

Tenjune club owner Mark Birnbaum & Eugene Remm of the EMM Group

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