This is a Wiki page or Wikia all about Mark Birnbaum and his path to achievements and prosperity. Mr. Birnbaum has been hailed as the "King of New York City Clubs and Night Life" by many for his huge success in business. Mark is the man behind such popular clubs as Tenjune, Chandelier Room, Four Hundred and SL. This is his Wikia, this is the Mark Birnbaum Bio.

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For those searching for Mark Birnbaum Girlfriend then take a look at Mark here with his friend while spending some time together having fun. The Tenjune Club Owner is considered one of the great minds in the business of developing successful nightclubs and restaurants.


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The title of “the King of New York Nightlife” seems to go perfectly with the personality of Mark Birnbaum. With a charming personality, the man has built a huge nightlife empire that spans over of nightclubs, lounges and restaurants in the meatpacking district of New York. The property that this most eligible bachelor in the country owns, along with his two partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein, is worth $30 million. The house in Sag Harbor, Long Island that is owned by EMM group is the destination for some of the hottest parties in town. However, the start to success was as dramatic as one could ever imagine. The series of competitive parties that Mark and Eugene threw on their birthday, which by mere coincidence falls on the same day 10th of June, led to the beginning of a never-ending friendship and business partnership that lead to conquer the fort of New York’s nightlife.

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